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South Kensington Mews Home

A beautiful three story, three bedroom mews house.

Brief to design a chic French style home that would be cozy and welcoming for guests. The property consisted of an open plan hall, living, dining and kitchen area.

I started by defining the space, this was created by the layout of furniture. By simply placing a console table and mirror above in the hall, this created a separate zone. The next was to define a living and dining/kitchen area. I firstly created a focal point to the living room, with a fireplace surround and mirror above. A small console table was then placed behind the sofa to separate the living and dining area. A chandelier was then added above the dining able to once again define this area.

The Master bedroom was given great presence with a bed canopy and draping beautiful draping fabric. The romantic appearance denotes it as the main bedroom. The two smaller bedrooms were to be twin rooms. I created one bedroom to be typically more feminine and the other more masculine. The more feminine bedroom consisted of a deep farrow and ball pastel green teamed with a sharp deep pink. The third floor consists of a study area/garden room which leads out to a hidden terrace. Playing with colour once again, I painted the terrace walls in a deep chocolate brown, which I contrasted with a dramatic lime green. A beautiful mirror was then added to enhance the sense of space.