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A relatively compact apartment, so I focussed on creating the illusion of space and giving definition to each area where required. The living, dining and kitchen are all within the same space so thoughtful layout and zoning were necessary, whilst joining the areas together to make the room consistent.

As the living area was set in one position and the dining area in another, and with the compact kitchen along one wall there was a need to bring the space together. This is achieved by a half-height panelled wallpaper running around the room. The paper also gives a sense of depth to the compact room, as does the tromp l’oeil wall hanging at the foot of the dining table, which creates the illusion of another room. There is also a real chandelier above the table and a tromp l’oeil feature in the panel. This clever play gives the room a strong feature and definition.

Other elements to create a sense of space would be the striped wall in the smaller bedroom. The horizontal stripes widen the space, giving the appearance of a much wider wall than is actually there.